Where Paradise Meets Pleasure

To our many Friend and associates we here at IslandGirls have been struggling to keep current and keep safe in recent times, what this period has taught us,(and me in particular) is that there is a need for what we do here at IslandGirls and definitly a need for HOW we do it, but alas signs of current events tells us its time to step aside and allow other providers to come though.

AS for me personaly it has been a humbling and rewarding experience  for the last 14 years to bring pleasure to so many and also to make this the most successful venture of its kind ever in Barbados. I salute all that have passed through here providers and  punters alike. it was good ride but sadly all things must come to an end. 

my Telephone and email still work so let me know how I can help or just how you are doing....would love to hearthe new stories.

Please stay safe and ALWAYS make it pleasurable !!!

I point you to  someone that has been a true Colleague in every sense of the word on this journey , please check him out  www.charliespice.com

you can contact me at Terry@islandGirls.info

I  has been our  pleasure to Serve Your Pleasures!